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Time Cards & Ribbons

We stock many common types of time cards and badges, with next business day shipping to most places in the Buffalo area.  Besides our wide variety of standard time cards, we can also order custom printed time cards or badges.





Common Time Cards

Time Card Selector

Type B14 B30 000-099 000-249 E7
Acroprint 125-150 x        
Amano PIX-3000X x        
Amano EX6800   x      
Amano PIX-21 x        
Amano PIX-28 x        
Amano MJR-7000     x    
Amano MJR-8000       x  
Lathem 5000EP x        
Lathem 7000E         x

We also stock time clock ribbons for most makes and models of time clocks and time stamps.

Common Ribbons

Ribbon Selector

Acroprint 125-150    x
Amano PIX-21x    
Amano PIX-28x    
Amano PIX-3000Xx    
Amano MJR-7000   x 
Amano MJR-8000  x  
Rapidprint  x    

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