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Payroll Sites by State

American Payroll Association

Alabama Department of Revenue
Alabama New Hire Reporting
Alabama Department of Industrial Relations

Alaska Department of Revenue
Alaska Department of Labor
Alaska Division of Child Support Enforcement

Arizona Department of Revenue
Arizona New Hire Reporting Center
Arizona Division of Child Support Enforcement
Arizona Department of Economic Security
Arizona Labor Department

Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
Arkansas Employment Security Department
Arkansas New Hire Reporting
Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission

California Franchise Tax Board
California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
California Payroll Taxes
California New Hire Reporting
California Child Support
California Division of Workers' Compensation
California Employment Development Department

Colorado Department of Revenue
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Colorado New Hire Reporting

Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
Connecticut Department of Labor
Connecticut Child Support Enforcement

Delaware State Labor Regulations

Florida Department of Revenue
Florida Department of Labor
Florida New Hire Reporting

Georgia Department of Revenue
Georgia Department of Labor
Georgia Child Support Enforcement
Georgia New Hire Reporting

Hawaii Department of Taxation
Hawaii Child Support
Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Hawaii State Labor and Occupational Information

Idaho State Tax Commission
Idaho Department of Labor
Idaho New Hire Reporting
Idaho Unemployment Insurance

Illinois Department of Revenue
Illinois Department of Employment Security
Illinois New Hire Reporting
Illinois Child Support Enforcement

Indiana Department of Revenue
Indiana Workforce Development
Indiana Child Support Enforcement

Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance
Iowa Unemployment Services Division

Kansas Department of Revenue
Kansas Department of Human Resources
Kansas New Hire Reporting

Kentucky Department of Revenue
Kentucky Department of Labor
Kentucky Child Support Enforcement Commission
Kentucky New Hire Reporting

Louisiana Department of Revenue
Louisiana Department of Labor
Louisiana New Hire Reporting

Maine Revenue Services
Maine Department of Labor
Maine New Hire Reporting

Maryland Office of the Comptroller
Maryland Department of Labor - Licensing and Regulation-Employment Standards Service
Maryland Unemployment Insurance
Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission
Maryland New Hire Reporting

Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Massachusetts Division of Employment and Training

Michigan State Department of Treasury
Michigan Unemployment Agency
Michigan New Hire Reporting

Minnesota Department of Revenue
Minnesota Unemployment Tax
Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Minnesota New Hire Reporting

Mississippi State Tax Commission
Mississippi Employment Security Division
Mississippi Unemployment Tax
Mississippi Division of Child Support Enforcement
Mississippi New Hire Reporting

Missouri Department of Revenue
Missouri State Unemployment Tax
Missouri New Hire Reporting 
Missouri Department Of Labor and Industrial Relations
Missouri Child Support Enforcement

Montana Department of Revenue
Montana Department of Labor and Industry
Montana New Hire Reporting
Montana Child Support Enforcement Division

Nebraska Department of Revenue
Nebraska Workforce Development 
Nebraska New Hire Reporting
Nebraska Workers' Compensation

Nevada Department of Taxation
Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration
New Hampshire Department of Employment Security
New Hampshire New Hire Reporting
New Hampshire Office of Child Support

New Jersey
New Jersey Division of Taxation
New Jersey Tax and Employer Filings
New Jersey Unemployment Insurance
New Jersey New Hire Reporting

New Mexico
New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
New Mexico Department of Labor
New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration
New Mexico New Hire Reporting

New York
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
New York Department of Labor
New York Department of Family Assistance
New York City Department of Finance
New York New Hire Reporting

North Carolina
North Carolina Department of Revenue
North Carolina Department of Labor
North Carolina Employment Security Commission of,
North Carolina Child Support Enforcement Section
North Carolina New Hire Reporting

North Dakota
North Dakota State Tax Department
Job Insurance Division of Job Service North Dakota
North Dakota Department of Labor 
North Dakota Department of Commerce
North Dakota New Hire Reporting

Ohio Department of Taxation
Ohio Bureau of Employment Services 
Ohio Workers Compensation
Ohio Office of Family Assistance and Child Support
Ohio Municipalities Tax
Ohio New Hire Reporting

Oklahoma State Tax Commission
Oklahoma Employment Security
Oklahoma New Hire Reporting

Oregon Department of Revenue
Oregon Employment Department
Oregon Child Support Enforcement Program
Oregon New Hire Reporting

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Pennsylvania Local Earned Income Tax
Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Division of Taxation
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training
Rhode Island New Hire Reporting

South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Revenue
South Carolina Dept of Labor Licensing and Regulation
South Carolina Employment Security Commission
South Carolina New Hire Reporting

South Dakota
South Dakota Department of Revenue
South Dakota Department of Labor
South Dakota Department of Social Services
South Dakota New Hire Reporting

Tennessee Department of Revenue
Tennessee Department of Labor
Tennessee Department of Employment Security
Tennessee Department of Human Services
Tennessee New Hire Reporting

Texas Window on State Government
Texas Workforce Commission
Texas Child Support Services
Texas New Hire Reporting

Utah State Tax Commission
Utah Department of Workforce Services
Utah Bureau of Child Support Services
Utah New Hire Reporting

Vermont Department of Taxes
Vermont Department of Labor and Industry
Vermont Department of Employment and Training - Unemployment Compensation Division


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