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Attendance Systems
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Traditional Time Clocks
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Attendance Systems

    A computerized time clock system can speed payroll entry.

Badge Clocks

    Badge Clocks for Barcodes, Magnetic Stripe, and Proximity.

Bell Ringers

    Bell ringers and signal devices to operate various switches.

Biometric Clocks

    Biometric Clocks for added security and accuracy.

Detex Security

    Detex kits, ProxiPen's, RFID tags, and other accessories.

Master Clocks

    Master clocks can synchronize all of the wall clocks at your facility.

Traditional Time Clocks

    These clocks use standard time cards and are fully serviceable.


    This telephone call in system integrates fully with Attendance Enterprise.

Rapidprint Time Stamps

    We carry the full line of Rapidprint time stamps for your business.

Time Cards & Ribbons

    We stock all common cards and can special order cards for any purpose.

Wall Clocks

    Wall clocks for any organization, in almost any size and style.

Used Time Clocks

    Our used time clocks are a great value for start up businesses.

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